Top 10 Best Linux Distributions in 2022

1. Ubuntu

In 2022, Ubuntu is still the most widely used Linux distro.

2. Linux Mint

Considered as the best linux distro for switching from Windows environment, as it's GUI appears familiar.

3. MX Linux

It has friendly user interface and consumes less resources, which makes it lighter.

4. EndeavourOS

 It's terminal centric linux distro inspired from Arch Linux but easier and friendly to work with.

5. Pop!_OS

Originally created by System 76, popular among creators and gamers with cool desktop environment.

6. Debian

Launched in 1993, still widely used. It supports large number of software packages which makes it good choice for Software developer.

7. Fedora

Another good choice for developers in 2022 as it comes with complete set of developer's tools. Also, comes with enterprise level support with Red Hat Linux

8. Zorin OS

It's familar alternative to Windows but with much secure, smooth and elegant experience.

9. Opensuse

One of the oldest and among the most stable Linux distribution which is widely popular among system administrators. It's commercial version is  available as SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE)

10. Elementary OS

Based upon Ubuntu LTS, is among the most easy to pic Linux OS for new user as it's environment is familiar to MacOs and Windows.