Install Pithos 1.3.0 (Pandora Radio Client) via PPA in Linux Mint (Ubuntu)

Pithos Pandora Radio Desktop Client

Pandora is an internet radio service presently available in the US, Auatralia and New Zealand. Users from other countries can access it through VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. It can be availed for free with advertisement but one has to pay starting amount of $4.99 per month to listen it without advertisement for 30 days.

Pandor Radio website snapshot

Pithos is a desktop client for Pandora. That means you can avail it’s service via software interface without need for opening the internet browser. It supports the media key, notification and sound menu that gives seamless experience.

Here’s how you can install the Pithos 1.3.0 in Linux Mint (Ubuntu 16.04 and above) via it’s official PPA

Open the command line terminal and paste the following commands one by one :

Step 1 : Add the Pithos PPA to the repository..

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pithos/ppa

Step 2 : Update your system .

sudo apt update

Step 3: Finally, install the Pithos desktop client.

sudo apt install pithos

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